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“I was diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder at the age of 15. This had a major impact on my ability to connect with and trust my emotions, thoughts and behaviours in the present moment. I had tried different ways of strengthening this connection, however most proved unsuccessful. Then I found Aileen’s meditative course. Her course taught me new skills to connect with my internal self. It showed me how meditation isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ practice. There are many ways in which you can actively communicate with yourself. Her step-by-step approach embraces individualism and inclusivity. GAD can be a very isolating experience. Aileen’s course showed me the commonality of my struggles, which has given me a sense of comfort and belonging. Being able to see my problems reflected in the experience of others showed me how to be accepting of myself.”


“I’ve just completed an 8 week online mindfulness course with Aileen. Like a lot of people, I seem to spend my life being busy. I found Aileen’s mindfulness hour was great for setting time aside for me and stemming the rushing tide of busyness.

The course was online, which was very convenient and there were other participants which enriched the experience. Aileen is a very experienced yoga teacher,  as well as a mindfulness teacher and she has made this passion her way of life. She has a lovely gentle way of imparting her vast knowledge and wisdom and translating them into practical guidance and tools for her students to enable them to practice mindfulness in their busy day to day lives.
I nearly didn’t do this course as it was during a very busy time for me – looking back I realise that’s exactly why I did need to do it and I’m so glad I did. I now try to continue the mindfulness practices I learned with Aileen in small 5/10 minute slots throughout the week. This has allowed me to make time for me and to continue to explore and get to know myself more deeply. Thankyou Aileen for helping to stem the rushing tide. You are a gifted teacher and I would highly recommend your course to anyone thinking of doing mindful meditation.”


“I found this course supportive, revealing, life-expanding and well-structured. Aileen’s teaching is generous, sure and gentle. Great course for people new to mindfulness/meditation, and those who have been practicing for years.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it gave me time and space to enjoy some peace and quiet in my life. Aileen created a safe and welcoming environment, where all thoughts and opinions were valued and respected. I loved the structure of the class and how there was a specific focus each week. Aileen went above and beyond to send the group guided meditations, as well as very thought provoking quotes or pieces of literature to reflect on. I would highly recommend doing this course if you want to nurture yourself and bring a sense of serenity to your life.”


“I throughly enjoyed doing the 8 weeks of mindfulness with Aileen and I looked forward to the class every week. Aileen is an amazing instructor and created a shared space for all participants to show up every week. Aileen has a talent and gift for empathising and you can really feel her level of understanding and care. Her ability to offer space and equip participants with tools of self compassion and discovery helps us all to embark on our own individual journeys.”


“I did the one year Hatha Yoga course with Aileen in ‘22/‘23.

I had no idea what Iyengar Yoga was at the time. I met with Aileen and she reassured me about the course and its content. I am now so happy I took the plunge and committed to the year. Aileen took us on a journey of discovery of the Iyengar philosophy and practice. It was also a journey into myself and it was very enlightening and inspiring. Aileen took us very gently on that path and lead us through. That path is never ending and continues to be that.

The course is very thorough and very well designed and delivered by Aileen. One works hard to get the most out of it and out of yourself. Self practice is so central to your training and learning.

I would recommend Aileen and the Iyengar training and philosophy.

Every time I now take a class I feel well prepared as the year long training is so thorough and you cannot but feel well resourced. Aileen continues to be a support now as she was throughout the course.

I would highly recommend the course and Aileen. Go for it. You won’t regret it.”

Anne, 300 hour student

“I first began Yoga Teaching Practice to deepen my own practice and to learn more on the benefits of yoga to the physical body. Through my journey with Aileen, I got that that … and a whole lot more!

Aileen has a unique approach to teach you all of the asanas in a way that makes yoga accessible to everyone, through the use of props and modifications that allows the benefits to be felt on the mat and off the mat. With a strong focus on alignment and the fundamentals you will feel confident in your knowledge and in demonstrating the asanas when you finish your course. Aileen is always encouraging and kind with a healthy balance of challenge and support that allows you to grow in confidence in your own practice and teaching style.
The element of the course that I wasn’t as sure of at the start, was for me, the most transformative. The spiritual side of the course really resonated … exploring the theory and insights from yoga philosophy that have so much relevance to our lives today and are an endless source of wisdom. It’s a very personal experience, but it is wonderful to be able to share it in a safe space and understand that your feelings and conditioning can be common and totally normal!

Overall, I found the whole experience challenging, humbling and beautiful – you come out the other side expanded, ready for the next step and with a curiosity for more!

Trust & Enjoy the process.”


“Aileen is an amazing yoga teacher and the depth of her knowledge and expertise is incredible. Training with Aileen has been a life changing journey challenging us both physically and mentally.

Aileen is so passionate about yoga and adapts training to suit every person’s ability.

She is kind, caring and great fun.

I highly recommend yoga teacher training with Aileen.”


“Yoga has become s great gift in my life and I am grateful to Aileen Slein for this. Her classes, her way of teaching and being, her intrinsic knowledge and knowing, and her method of yoga ( Iyengar) just inspired me. I am not your typical yoga body: I live in a larger body, carry injuries and in my late 50s.

I give thanks to the day I walked into Aileens class and that I persevered. For I am today, in a much better place both physically and mentally. I actually went on to train as a yoga teacher with Aileen, which is an incredible thing. Never did I think I could. Not only does she teach, she inspires.

I am sorry our teacher had moved to another area, but am grateful we had her .

Those she will come into contact with, through her classes, are indeed lucky. She is an incredible teacher: not only of physical yoga asanas, but meditation, pranyama, and has opened the door for me, to the refined transformative true essence of the practice.”


“Aileen is a spectacularly good yoga teacher. She has total mastery and can adapt every pose to any ability or personal quirks. We had the incredible good luck to be taught by Aileen for 14 consecutive days, and she crafted a bespoke programme for two adults and a teenager, which all of us hugely enjoyed. We all felt we made really tangible progress over the 2 weeks, and felt absolute trust in Aileen to navigate us through – pushing us to new personal bests, but never allowing us to injure ourselves. As well as the physical side, Aileen brought a wonderful calm and precision to every class, and each time, we left feeling centered as well as strong and stretched (in every sense). I simply cannot recommend Aileen highly enough – she is a complete class act; no downsides!”

Uncover Your Inner Peace

Uncover Your Inner Peace

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